Canned Motor Pumps

Product Range

Basic Internal Circulation Pump

The pump and motor are connected by an adapter plate. A portion of the liquid being pumped is taken from the impeller outlet

Reverse Circulation Pump

The pumps are designed for fluids with relatively high vapour pressure, low specific gravity, low specific heat liquids.

High Temperature Pump

The pumps are designed for high temperature fluids up to 400°C. The pump and motor are separated thermally by an adaptor

Self-Priming Pump

Canned motor self-priming featuring elimination of priming problems due to leakage at shaft seal. Very pertinent to pumping …

Higher Heat Resistant Pump

Suitable for handling high temperature liquids such as Heat Transfer Oils, Hot Water and High Melting Temperature Chemicals…

Multistage Pump

Specially designed for high head, low flow duties. Increased heads are achieved by running the fluid from discharge of one…

High Melting Pump

The pumps are suitable for liquids which tends to solidify at lower temperature. These pumps are provided with a heating jacket

Mechanical Seal Design Pump

A design is also available with a mechanical seal between the pump and motor due to the requirement of decreasing the amount of liquid

Gas Seal Slurry Pump

A gas seal type is also available that is suitable for handling heavily polymerize or crystallization prone liquids.

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